Raw Materials

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The batch plant - the process begins. The entire float glass manufacturing process, from the batch plant to final stacked glass, is a complex series of interconnected processes that must all work together over the floatline's 420m length to produce the final high quality flat glass. 

The mix of raw materials used in the production of flat glass is known as the batch - which is composed of three main components: silica sand, soda ash and dolomite/limestone. All materials are rigorously checked and analysed for quality to ensure the purity of the batch.

  • Raw materials are delivered to the batch plant via trucks.
  • Batch is weighed and mixed to very tight tolerances using a specific formula for the types of glass being produced.
  • The mixed batch is then transported to the furnace via a series of conveyors.
  • The batch plant ensures the highest quality in raw materials preparation and precise control over the production formula.