MirraTrust™ is made by applying a special smooth back vinyl film to the silvered side of the mirror.

  • Safety
  • Decorative
  • Reflective
Safety & Durability MirraTrust™ benefits from a smooth back vinyl film that complies with AS/NZS2208 for Grade A safety glazing materials.
Illuminate Your Space MirraTrust™ has a high light reflectance of up to 92%, significantly brightening up a room.
Environmentally Friendly Higher corrosion resistance than conventional copper backed mirrors with improved resistance to cleaners and adhesives.
Product Range

* The maximum sheet size is a manufacturing size and may be in excess of the safe glazing sizes set out in Australian standards.
** Image is for visual indication only and colour may vary depending on your screen.



  • Doors
  • Wall Cladding
Technical Information

Best fixed with mechanical fixing methods. For adhesive fixing, please check with the adhesive manufacturer for compatibility with MirraTrust vinyl backing.

MirraTrust cannot be toughened and may not be suitable in close proximity to ovens or cooktops.

How to Specify

Available colours and thicknesses:

  • Clear 4 & 6mm
  • Grey 4mm

All glass is to be selected and installed in accordance but not exclusively with the following Australian and/or New Zealand Standards

  • AS 1288 Glass in Buildings Selection and Installation
  • AS 1170 Minimum Wind Loads on Structures
  • AS/NZ 2208 Safety Glazing Materials in Buildings
  • AS/NZ 4666 Insulating Glass Units
  • AS/NZ 4667 Quality Requirements for cut-to-size and Processed Glass

Oceania Glass makes and distributes glass. Oceania Glass does not process glass nor produce Insulated Glass Units. Processing of glass and production of Insulated Glass Units is undertaken by independent processors. Speak with your nominated glass processors to understand their processing capability.