Quality Control - Inspection

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Coating inspection - the 'catwalk'. A rigorous inspection and testing regime is used to ensure the precisely controlled coating meets quality performance and standards. 

Sophisticated online quality measurement systems give real time feedback on coating properties. 

Continuous visual inspection of the glass is undertaken by operators.

A specifically designed lighting system highlights even the slightest coating defect on the glass.

The catwalk has the same control capability as the main control room enabling the operator to see all of the online quality measures as well as the ability to make process changes. When a defect is observed, the operator has the ability to reject the glass and will make any necessary adjustments to the process conditions. 

Glass insight - Online quality tests of coated glass are conducted at the start of the campaign and sampled every 30 minutes, with 144 samples taken per day for colour spectrum - direfct and off angle; coating coids and solar absoprtion.