QLam™ QLam™ is a durable, adaptable high performance glazing material that can provide solutions to many architectural applications. Within the QLam™ range there is a wide variety of laminated glass options. QLam™ is a Grade A laminated Safety glass. View Product
AssaultLam™AssaultLam™ is a Grade A laminated Safety glass designed as an economical method of providing a barrier to forced entry while providing transparency and clarity.View Product
IntruderLam™IntruderLam™ is a laminated Grade A safety glass, available in 7.52mm, and provides extra resistance to penetration as its interlayer is four times thicker than normal laminated glass.View Product
LuminaCloud™LuminaCloud™ is a translucent float glass where one side has been treated with an acid etch to produce a satin finish. This process is applied to the entire sheet of glass at the time of manufacture, to ensure an overall consistent finish.View Product
Optiview™OptiView™ is designed for applications where transparency is required in combination with an extremely low reflective appearance. Optiview™ is a Grade A laminated Safety glass. View Product
QFloat™QFloat™ is the name given to our base glass products that are manufactured using the float glass process. QFloat™ is manufactured in either clear or toned and is ideal for further processing into a range of glazing products such as laminates, toughened glass, coated glass and IGUs.View Product
ScalaTexture™ScalaTexture™ comprises a range of styles and visual effects appropriate for privacy applications where light diffusion and obscuration are desired.View Product
Observa™Observa™ is a laminated mirror offering high quality one-way vision that effectively provides discreet, unobtrusive monitoring. It has the appearance of a mirror on the subject side providing privacy for observers. Observa™ is a Grade A laminated Safety glass. View Product
SpectraDuo™SpectraDuo™ is a paint coated glass using a super hard grade paint specifically for decorative glass applications. The vinyl backing applied to the painted surface ensures the coating will remain scratch resistant and provides Grade A safety glass protection.View Product
LuminaMist™LuminaMist™ is produced by bonding two sheets of glass together with a translucent interlayer to make a Grade A laminated safety glass with a white appearance for obscuring vision and diffusing light. View Product