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Melting and refining. The batch of raw material is automatically added at the filling end of the gas regenerative furnace flowing as a blanket to form molten glass at 1550°C in the melter.
The gas firing occurs from alternate sides of the furnace in 20 minutes cycles, this assists fuel efficiency by ensuring combustion occurs in the presence of pre-heated air. 

Melting, refining and homogenising takes place simultaneously in the 2000 tonne furnace. The continuous melting process lasts as long as 50 hours delivering glass to the float bath at 1100°C, smoothly and continuously, free from inclusions and bubbles.

The melting process is key to glass quality. Compositions can be modified to change the properties of the finished product. 

The furnace combustion is carefully controlled to ensure optimum conditions, maximum energy efficiency and compliance with strict environmental requirements.