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Oceania Glass floatliner - a new perspective in glass transport. Floatliners are a rapid glass transport system which significantly improves the safety and efficiency of glass delivery for our customers. They form a critical part of Oceania Glass' capabilities for 'whole of supply chain solutions', from manufacturing to customer delivery. Our floatliners have been awarded the prestigious 2007 Australian Freight Industry Awards for Innovation and Technology.

Benefits to customers
Greater efficiency - rapid loading/unloading

  • Significantly reduces unloading times from typically 2.5 hours to 30 minutes 
  • Glass presented on frames ready for off-loading

Increased safety

  • Rigorous OH&S  procedures developed in conjunction with 'WorkSafe'
  • Less handling and direct interaction with glass required by customer and Oceania Glass warehouse staff
  • Ability to load and unload at floor level for reduced risk
  • Easier inspection of unloaded glass on frame to ensure product integrity.

Reduced accidental damage of glass

  • Load restraint is integrated into the design of the floatliner
  • Less handling reduces chance of accidental damage
  • Greater weather protection from dust and moisture

No packaging waste materials
Integrates into customer's manufacturing process

  • Frames can be integrated into the customer's manufacturing process to create a circuit system to achieve greater efficiency. 

How does it work?

Load pick up
  • Floatliner is hydraulically lowered
  • Driver opens rear doors and removes spreader bars
  • Driver reverses floatliner into position over pre-loaded frame

Restraint System

  • Driver hydraulically raises the floatliner to road travel height
  • Activates the padded arms to apply controlled pressure onto the glass to provide substantial load restraint
  • Inspects load integrity and condition through visual and onboard camera inspection

Unloading at customer premises

  • Floatliner arrives at customer premises, reverses into delivery bay and lowered
  • Restraint system is disengaged and the door is opened
  • Floatliner is driven away, with frame left in position ready for customer unloading.