LuxTech™LuxTech™ offers a range of spectrally selective glass for insulated glass units that create the right balance between restricting unwanted heat gain whilst allowing abundant natural daylight.

Suited for commercial and residential builds with large expanses of glazing that require the highest performance in thermal control for energy savings.
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EnergyTech™EnergyTech™ offers a range of locally made clear and toned glass options designed to improve thermal insulation and provide a choice of solar control performance with low visible light reflection.View Product
EnergyTech™ LiteEnergyTech™ Lite is the first step in improving energy efficiency for windows. Our latest addition, EnergyTech™ Lite provides an affordable solution for a Low E performance upgrade. Move to the next level with EnergyTech™ Lite by replacing ordinary single glazing, lift the performance of an otherwise ordinary IGU or boost the performance of a high performance IGU by adding it to surface#4.

EnergyTech™ Lite boasts brilliant aesthetics, abundant natural daylighting and low visible reflectivity. Ideal for typical Australian residential window systems.
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QLam™ QLam™ is a durable, adaptable high performance glazing material that can provide solutions to many architectural applications. Within the QLam™ range there is a wide variety of laminated glass options. QLam™ is a Grade A laminated Safety glass. View Product
ComfortPlus™ComfortPlus™ consists of a range of clear and toned laminated glass options featuring a transparent, durable pyrolytic Low E coating. ComfortPlus™ products offer improved thermal and sound insulation in a single laminate with a selection of colours, daylight transmission and solar control. The range also offers relatively low internal and external reflectivity, typically desirable in residential and commercial buildings when transparency is valued. ComfortPlus™ is a Grade A Safety laminated glass. View Product
AssaultLam™AssaultLam™ is a Grade A laminated Safety glass designed as an economical method of providing a barrier to forced entry while providing transparency and clarity.View Product
ComfortHush™ComfortHush™ is a range of locally produced acoustic performance laminates incorporating a special 3 ply acoustic PVB interlayer designed to reduce sound transmission and also features a Low E coated component to provide improved thermal insulation performance. ComfortHush™ is a Grade A laminated Safety Glass. View Product
EVantage™EVantage™ is a range of clear and toned products with a reflective pyrolytic Low E coating providing medium insulation performance and typically high solar control (excluding Clear).View Product
IntruderLam™IntruderLam™ is a laminated Grade A safety glass, available in 7.52mm, and provides extra resistance to penetration as its interlayer is four times thicker than normal laminated glass.View Product
QFloat™QFloat™ is the name given to our base glass products that are manufactured using the float glass process. QFloat™ is manufactured in either clear or toned and is ideal for further processing into a range of glazing products such as laminates, toughened glass, coated glass and IGUs.View Product
QLam Hush™QLam Hush™ is a Grade A laminated safety glass produced by bonding two sheets of glass together using a specially developed acoustic interlayer. QLam Hush™ dampens noise providing enhanced sound insulation performance over ordinary glass. View Product
SolTech™SolTech™ Low E products offer improved thermal insulation and a choice of solar control performance with low visible light reflection. The range is designed for Australian climate regions and to help meet energy requirements.View Product