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Making high performance coated glass. World leading technology is used to apply coatings that make profound changes in the optical properties of the glass, including energy efficient Low E glass to improve comfort and reduce year-round energy requirements of your commercial and residential build. A 'Chemical Vapour' coater applies thin metal oxide layers to molten glass in a pyrolytic reaction to produce high performance hard coated glass.

A gaseous chemical mixture is brought in contact with the hot glass substrate while it is still in a semi-molten state (approximate temperature 730°C).

Within seconds of the gas being turned on, a pyrolytic reaction occurs on the surface of the substrate leading to the deposition of a coating which bonds glass.

Often referred to as a 'hard coat', the chemical layers bond at the molecular level and become an integral and highly durable part of the surface of glass.

The pyrolytic coated surface can be extremely thin and transparent. The coated surface has a thickness similar to laying a 50 cent coin on top of Melbourne's 63 storey Rialto tower.

The chemical composition of the coating can be changed to achieve different properties and characteristics including a range of energy efficient Low E glass.