Our SuperTones range offers a cost-effective option for when you want to open up your space to natural light and views, without sacrificing on energy efficiency.

All five colour options in the range offer great solar control, reducing your reliance on heating and cooling – saving you on energy bills. Meanwhile, the sharp optical clarity allows you to enjoy the very best of natural light and the view around you.

QFloat SuperGold™

Pick QFloat SuperGold for a striking gold appearance. Suitable for interior and decorative as well as exterior building applications. 

QFloat SuperGreen™

Pick QFloat SuperGreen™ for a crisp green colour and the highest daylight transmission in the range.

QFloat SuperBlue™

Choose QFloat SuperBlue™ for a cool and distinct look with the second highest daylight transmission in the range.

QFloat SuperGrey

Pick QFloat SuperGrey for a stylish dark grey look and the highest solar control in the range.

SuperTones 1 Enjoy Your Views

Enjoy Your Views

You can see the world a little more clearly thanks to the high clarity and optical quality of our range of SuperTones.  

SuperTones 2 Illuminate Your Space

Illuminate Your Space

SuperGreen and SuperBlue offers high daylight transmission as well as glare reduction – so you can enjoy a space rich in natural light.

SuperTones 3 Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

The range offers high radiant heat absorption, reducing your reliance on air conditioning and heaters – and lowering your electricity bills.

Diagram Heat Absorbtion

High Radiant Heat Absorption

Instead of reflecting heat, the darker shades of the glass absorb heat and dissipates it back to the outside.

Technical Specifications

  • Where gold, bronze, deep blue, green or grey colour is required
  • Low and medium size office buildings
  • Residential
  • Hotels
  • Interior & decorative
  • Maximum Size:
     5180 x 3302mm

SuperGreen: 3, 6mm 
SuperGrey: 6mm 
SuperBlue: 6, 10mm
SuperGold: 6mm

Use in Insulating Glass Units (IGU) and can be combined with Low E glass in insulating glass units for enhanced performance

Product* Insulation Solar Daylight
SuperGreen 5.8 0.52 67
SuperGrey 5.8 0.35 9
SuperBlue 5.8 0.52 53
SuperGold 5.7 0.54 40
*6mm glass thickness