There’s all kinds of specialist glass products out there, but sometimes you just want the best of everything. That’s why we created QLam™ to be the starting point for safety, security, UV protection, noise reduction and – well, anything you want.

QLam™ offers everything you could need in a glass product for your space, as well as range of custom options. The range is a durable, adaptable, high performance glass solution that’s suitable for almost anything you can imagine.
Vlam 1 Safety Security

Safety & Security

QLam™ resists penetration from accidental or deliberate impact. If the glass is broken, fragments adhere to the interlayer and are retained in place for safety purposes. Also by thickening the interlayer, QLam™ can be used for protective purposes.

Vlam 2 Reduced Furnishing Fading

Reduces Risk of Furniture Fading

QLam™ offers high UV protection, reducing the rate of fading for furnishes & finishes.

Vlam 3 Minimise Noise Reduction

Minimise Outside Noise

QLam™ provides good noise dampening over the same thickness as usual glass, so you can enjoy a little peace and quiet in your space.

Diagram Laminate


QLam™ consists of two or more sheets of glass bonded together by heat and pressure with an interlayer of either PVB, EVA or a specialist high strength ionoplast interlayer.

Diagram Tested

Tested & Certified

QLam™ is tested and certified to Grade A safety glass standards.

Diagram UV Protection

Reduced Rate of UV Fading

The PVB interlayer used in QLam™ eliminates 99% of ultraviolet radiation.

Technical Specifications

  • Overhead glazing
  • Residential and commercial buildings where safety glass is required
  • Please see glass options tab for further information


Thickness (mm)

Max size (mm)










QLamTM Clear

5100 x 3210

QLamTM Bronze, Green,







5100 x 3210

QLamTM Grey




5100 x 3210

QLamTM SuperGreen








4600 x 3210

QLamTM Cool Blue






3660 x 2440

 *made to order

The standard PVB interlayer is 0.38mm thick. Also available are 0.76mm and 1.52mm for increased resistance to penetration and security applications.

Glass selection, glazing and manufacturing must be in accordance with Australian and New Zealand Standards.

Interlayer colours are based on but are not identical to 6mm QFloat™ glass colours. The glazing system must allow for water drainage or be completely watertight.

Certain sealants may cause edge de-lamination such as linseed oil putty - neutral cure silicone sealants are recommended.

Laminated glass edges left exposed are not recommended.