For when you want to see things clearly, we’ve designed OptiView™ to deliver the highest clarity, and provide the sharpest views.

OptiView™ is suitable for a range of applications that require a crystal clear view, such as museums, display cases, showrooms and more. Take in more of what’s around you whilst still being protected from the elements.
OptiView 1 Clarity of View

Clarity of Views

OptiView™ is the next best thing to having nothing between you and your view. The low reflectivity means that only some light bounces back at you, allowing you to see the world as clearly as possible.

OptiView 2 Stay Comfortable

Stay Comfortable

OptiView™ reduces heat loss by up to 25%, capturing maximum passive heating of the sun to keep you cosy.

OptiView 3 Minimum Outside Noise

Minimise Outside Noise

OptiView™ can offer an improved level of noise reduction compared to ordinary glass, keeping your space nice and quiet.

Diagram Anti reflection

Anti Reflective Coating

OptiView™ has double sided anti-reflective coating, so the clarity of your view is less compromised by light reflection.

Diagram UV Protection

Reduced Rate of UV Fading

OptiView™ blocks more than 99% of UV transmittance, reducing the rate of fading of prized possessions that you might keep behind the glass.

Diagram Tested

Tested & Certified

OptiView™ is tested & Certified to Grade A safety glass standards.

Technical Specifications

  • Showrooms
  • Museum and retail display cases
  • Retail shopfronts
  • Restaurants
  • Corporate boxes
  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • Maximum Size: 3302 x 2438mm

Available in thicknesses 3mm, 6mm, 6.38mm* and 12.38mm*

*made to order


The coatings are glazed to the inside and outside of the building on surfaces #1 and #4 and have a different surface and appearance to normal glass. The coatings are very durable and have specific cleaning and handling instructions.

The designer must determine the suitability of OptiViewTM in situations where the presence of glass may not be sufficiently obvious and take any necessary precautions.

Product Nominal thick. mm Visible trans. % Visible reflex.% (ext) Visible reflex.% (internal) Solar trans. % Visible reflex. % UV trans. % U Value trans (W/m²C) Shading coeff. SHGC
Standard glass** 6 88 8 8 78 7 60 5.8 0.95 0.82
OptiView 6.38 92 1.7 1.7 70 3 <1 4.6 0.89 0.77
OptiView 12.38 90 1.6 1.6 63 3 <1 4.4 0.83 0.72
**Standard glass is QFloat Clear. Typical measured values of Oceania Glass production are provided.
All performance data is calculated using LBL windows 5.2 software. NFRC 100-2001 conditions have been used.
Minimum size is not maximum glazing size. Refer to AS1288. Performance data is centre of glass values.