The Viridian Glass business has been separated into two separate businesses. The business that makes, markets and distributes glass will be known as Oceania Glass. The business that processes and supplies the trade will continue to be known as Viridian Glass.

Just like you, Australia is our home too.

Oceania Glass offers comprehensive glass solutions through an extensive supply network across Australia and New Zealand for our customers. We sold our very first glass in 1856 and are the only architectural glass maker in Australasia. We make, manufacture and market Australia’s leading glass brands for you; Australian glass processors, architects, designers and for the community we live in.

Australia's only architectural flat glass maker.

Our products are manufactured locally or carefully sourced from overseas to ensure they comply with Australian Standards. We are committed to creating a sustainable business and are ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 9001 Quality Management System certified. Brands you know and trust to meet the needs of the Australian market. We have distribution centres in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.

By partnering with Oceania Glass, we offer personalised account management, excellent customer service and benefit from our architectural project specification. Dedicate more of your space to glass processing by reducing the need to hold stock and improve cash management. Giving you access to our product range, in varying ordering quantities and mixed loads. Whether you require regular packs of glass or a few sheets here and there through our merchandising operations – let us know and we can help.

Australian. Local. Simple.

Oceania Glass

Our team members are highly trained in risk management to ensure the safety of customers, staff and security of the product. Our driver and despatch teams are highly trained and experts in how to load, unload and store glass safely. We’re very proud that our environmental stewardship has earned us the Environmental Standard ISO 1400, exceeding EPA standards.